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Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School

For parents

For parents
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                                 An Appeal To Parents

Education is a joint responsibility and parents and teachers have to co-ordinate their efforts to train the children on proper lines. In order to secure all that is the best in the children's education, the maximum Co-operation between the parents and the school authorities is necessary. We therefore request the parents to extend their fullest Co-operation to the school authorities in helping their children to grow in knowledge, character and good conduct.

Parents will kindly look into the pupil's diary everyday and ensure that the lessons prescribed and

the home work assigned are properly done. Observations made by the teachers about their children

may be seen and signed.

Parents are requested to sign the late attendance record and also the complaint letters which are

sent by the teachers.

Parents are requested to sign the late attendance and the absence record and also the complaint

letters which are sent by the teachers.

Parents will do well to kindly bring to the notice of the authorities any special difficulty or deficiency

the child may have for suitable remedial measures to be undertaken.

If the parents happen to come to school to see their children during the school hours , they are

requested to remain in the prayer hall and send for their children after getting the permission from

the Principal. This practice will minimize disturbance to the class work.

Parents who seek information or want to make some complaint should do to the school authorities

 and not to the Class Teacher.

Parents are requested to instruct the escorts or servants who visit the school not to get into the

classroom when class is in progress. They may please wait near the prayer hall, to receive the children

 when the session is over.

Parents are requested to avoid costly jewels for the children.

The parents may well advise the children , to look after the belongings, books, fountain pens, money,

 Tiffin carrier, etc. which they bring to school.

As the medium of instruction in the school is English, children should be helped to follow their class

easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.



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