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 All pupils should appear in the school uniform. Failure to do so will be viewed seriously.

Pupils must be inside the school premises at least 10 minutes before the school bell.

Perfect silence must prevail during Assembly, Prayers and at all school functions.

Late -comers shall wait outside and they shall bring an excuse letter or explanation.

Late attendance will be recorded in the Late Attendance Record.

Pupil's person and clothes should be quite clean. Pupils with uncombed hair, dirty

finger nails, etc. will come for serious censure.

The class rooms and the school premises in general should be kept neat and tidy.

Scribbling on walls, scattering bits of paper, damaging the furniture and the school

property etc. are strictly forbidden. Any one causing any such damage will have to

make good the loss either by compensation or by replacement.

Pupil's behaviour towards the teacher and the elders should be marked by respect

and obedience. On a teacher entering the classroom , the pupil should rise and remain

standing till they are directed to sit or till the teacher sits.

Pupils marching to the library, laboratory or to the playground should move in a single

file and observe perfect silence on their way.

Any pupil found loitering in the school premises will be seriously dealt with. Listless or

easy attitudes and as lovingly or inattentive manner during work time should be avoided.

All the students converse only in English in the school premises to acquire greater facility

in the fluency of the language

Students should be generally regular in their classwork and in particular, they should

 be very regular in doing all exercise, homework assignments, etc. as instructed by

the masters from time to time. Any neglect on the part of any student in this regard

will be considered as a serious misconduct calling for severe action.

Severe disciplinary action will be taken against those who continuously misbehave or

indulge in nefarious activities. They may be expelled from the school.